I’ve looked at smart wallets for a while, wanting something that would remind me when I leave the house without my wallet but they all need me to use a specific wallet with the smart tech built-in or add a chunky fob to my existing wallet. I find neither of these choices enticing – I love my Dash 4.0 wallet, but it doesn’t have an anchor point for a fob. What it does have is three card pockets with RFID shielding on the one side – and this is where Leif comes in.

Leif is a credit card sized Bluetooth tracker that slips into your wallet like a normal card. You connect it to your phone, and when Leif is beyond the range you set, or disconnects from your phone, you get a notification on the phone. You can use the proximity finder feature to find your wallet too, saving you the hassle of turning your living room upside down to find it.

Bluetooth trackers are often let down by their battery – some need a coin battery be changed occasionally, others daily charging – both are a nuisance when used on a wallet. Leif, however, can go weeks or months between charges, and charges wirelessly – so you just drop your wallet on the dock overnight, and grab it in the morning.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on Leif, head over to the Kickstarter campaign and back the project. Still need convincing? Check out the video below.

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