When Google Glass came out I was amazed, this was a product I could see becoming a really useful extension of our smartphones. Unfortunately, I was in the minority with that opinion, and Google pulled the plug on the consumer models of their Augmented Reality product.

I really liked the idea of being able to sit at my desk at work, and get all my notifications in my eye-line, without having to look at my watch or phone, and not having to worry about someone looking over my shoulder reading sensitive information.

The HUD navigation system was also a huge bonus for me too – I have my phone in the car dock, showing map details, turn here, turn there, I have my Android Wear watch vibrating on my wrist as I approach turns, and I have Google Glass telling me I am speeding – no one around me gets to see that, so it saves me arguments with my wife passengers.

Well, I woke this morning to great news, the ORA-X Android powered headphones will have Glass-like functionality!

It makes the HUD aspect I mentioned earlier a little less attractive, because they are headphones, and I think wearing headphones while driving is really unsafe, but at least there is still hope for a future with AR glasses.


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