The Dream

It has long been a dream of mine to use my phone as a portable computer. Ever since I started using the HTC TyTN II 9 years ago in fact. Microsoft has had a few goes at this over the last few years with Windows Phones and Windows Continuum being their best attempt. Canonical hoped Ubuntu phones would deliver the dream, but it never really took off. Jide took a shot at it recently with the Remix OS, although that ran on tablets and a mini-PC.

The Reality

Now, with the Superbook, you can convert your phone into a laptop simply by plugging it into the laptop accessory.  The beauty of this is having a no-brain, no-storage laptop that upgrades every time you get a new phone. Yesterday’s phones were 6+ core monsters with 3 GB of RAM. Today’s phones are 8+ core beasts with 4GB of RAM, and tomorrow’s will be even better.

I’ve been using my tablet to do on-the-go development for a while now, and I love the freedom of having DroidEdit Pro, Pocket Git, and JuiceSSH all installed on my phone and tablet so I can fix a bit of code no matter where I am. The only thing that has let me down is using the on-screen keyboard. The good typing keyboards are terrible for coding, while the good coding keyboards have tiny keys that I fumble over and type the wrong thing. Usually, that’s not an issue, but auto-correct can’t save me when the “word” I am trying to type is calculateContainerHeight.

To get around that, I’ve got a lovely Logitech K480 keyboard that connects to my phone or tablet via bluetooth (and can swap between them on the fly!). It makes coding on my tablet or phone a dream. But I’ve always wanted something more.

That’s why I have backed the Superbook campaign. I want a bigger screen for reading, something I can take with me everywhere I go, and a keyboard that lets me code as fast as I can. The Superbook promises all this, and more, with phone charging and a USB extension port thrown in for extra measure.

It’s something both myself and my wife can use interchangeably without causing issues for each other, so we can write articles in the evenings without having to get out our full-blown laptops or sit down at our desktops.

So check out the video below, back the campaign, and share you thoughts.

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