Apple Breathes New Life Into iPhone Range

Now, it’s well known I am a die hard Android user. That’s because Android lets me do what I want, and for the most part, gets out of my way. I can run the apps I need to get what I want done. Meanwhile Apple and the iPhone tend to think on behalf of their users a little too much for my liking. They’ve locked down their software and app stores. Their hardware is centralizing around proprietary technology, reducing interoperability.

Reading the iPhone X announcement , I can already hear the Android fanboys chanting “But it’s not all screen…”

The iPhone X Is All Screen

Even so, in Apple’s defense, I think it is all screen. The screen goes beyond just the pixel matrix; it includes the bezel etc. It’s just not all display, and that’s fine. Even sensible Android users will tell you of the perils of using full width displays on the phones like Samsung did.

Even so, Apple have pulled off a master stroke of design and engineering with the iPhone X.  This release will have a large impact on smartphones in the next few years. Looking at the LG G6 beside my keyboard I notice of how much influence Apple has over smartphone aesthetics.

A New Hope

I feel something I haven’t felt since Android added NFC and wireless charging. Hope. I look forward to the next few years of hardware innovation-pong between Apple and the Android OEMs.

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